I’m a regional partner with the Regional Development Programme, meaning you can receive a 50% discount on many of my business coaching services! I’m proud to be
working in partnership with both national and regional government, including New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) and the Wellington Regional Council, to help local businesses flourish, and unlock their true potential.

The Process

Understand your challenges

Eligible businesses come in all shapes, stages, and industries. your local regional development authority specifically looks out for businesses that are exporting their products or services to another region or overseas, or growing and employing more people.

If you would like to see whether your business is eligible for vouchers, contact Wellington NZ

Contact Wellington NZ

Take the right approach

I work closely with all types of businesses in all industries and stages of development – from start-ups, to professional services, trades, and family businesses. So after your free Introduction & Assessment Session, we’ll organise a half or full planning day to get stuck in. I’ll then write up a formal Action Plan with specific achievable goals and timelines that are tailored specifically for your situation. From there, it’s up to you how ongoing coaching will go, depending on what suits your situation best. We’ll catch up on an ad-hoc basis, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or annually – to measure your progress, help you stay on track or make adjustments as new challenges come up, and deliver on your targets. In addition, I’m here to support you when you need it – I can work directly with staff, attend important meetings, help with recruitment, perform mediation, or just put out the fires!

Coaching tailored for you

There are loads of opportunities, so you can contact me anytime for a chat. I’ll answer any questions you have, find out if you’re able to register, and introduce you to a Wellington NZ Consultant. Your Wellington NZ Consultant will then perform a formal assessment. If you qualify, you’ll receive a voucher worth a total value of up to $5,000 for professional services. You can use that with me, and a range of other Wellington NZ registered businesses.

Create new success

In line with Wellington NZ’s values, together we will grow your business. With a strong plan in place, your business will have a clear direction. You will understand how your business will meet its goals and exceed expectations – while keeping what you want from your personal life in sight too. Knowing exactly what your next steps are, and where they are taking you will mean you’ll feel more motivated, confident, and supported. I’ll always be here to help when you need an external perspective on a big decision, roadblock, or just to give you the lift you might need. Getting tapped into my tremendous network of excellent contacts in all industries, and knowledge of initiatives and opportunities, will be so useful for you as well. Not only will you have all the talent and tools you need to achieve everything you’ve set out to do, but you’ll also gain a new community to promote your business within.


We’ll discuss your business, review your systems, and consider your goals. It’s a great chance to take a fresh look at your business, and discover how coaching can add real value for you. I look forward to chatting with you, and finding out more about you and your business!

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